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What we do

Rent mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes, maintain and repair bicycles in Hetta, Enontekiö

Mountain bike Rental

Hetta Bikes rents out high quality Commencal and Canyon mountain bikes. The bicycles are with or without electric assistance that provide maximum enjoyment on our trails in Enontekiö, be it summer or winter.

You will also be instructed on how to use the mountain bike when renting. We hope that you will handle our high-quality bike responsibly so that the next person hiring it will also have the use of a functional bike.

As there is a limited number of bikes, we recommend you check out the bikes in advance and book a bike in good time. At the moment you can rent a bike only by calling or sending an email.

Check the information about mountain biking in Enontekiö’s highlands and forests and general info about mountain biking trails.

For more information about routes and conditions at the Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park and wilderness areas please contact the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre.

Bicycle Maintenance

Bike not running smoothly? Talk to our experienced staff and see what we can do for you.

Hetta Bikes has 12 years of experience of maintaining and repairing bicycles.

Hetta is just on the way to Nordkapp, so we have been able to help not only locals but also many world touring adventurers to finish their long planned trip.

We have quite substantial stock of spare parts in our warehouse in Hetta, so service can be provided quickly.

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Our Clients Love Us

Roberto De Osti
Roberto De Osti
Matthias un gran meccanico e una grande persona dal cuore immenso, mi ha aiutato a risolvere la rottura della ruota della mia bici per poter continuare la mia gara NorthCape-Tarifa. Grazie!!!
Daniel Gueffroy
Daniel Gueffroy
Matthias is the best bike mechanic, also a nice person and his English is very good. My frame from my bike was partly broken, also a spoke, he managed to repair both in half a day. On Saturday. I contacted him via mail and we arranged everything. Now I can go on with the trip!
Maik Schoesau
Maik Schoesau
Awesome bike repair service for travelers 👍 I had a broken spoke, so I called the owner and made an appointment in the evening after work. In one hour the spoke was changed and all good again. The shop has lots of spare parts and all kinds of tools so your issues can be fixed most likely. The owner is also a very good lad and nice to talk to. Highly recommended!!!